(Un)like it!

Facebook trends Part 2.

Part 1 here

Share this photo to show your support for cancer patients.

Right. Cancer patients log in to facebook, see how many people support them and be unlimitedly happy that we understand how unfortunate they are.

Keep this photo as profile picture to fight against rape.

The boys remove their freak, cool (edited) photos and upload this picture so that nobody knows about their dirty tricks. So sweet of them.

Please like to this photo. Each like could earn this unfortunate couple Re.1

Of course. Today morning I walked away from a beggar a man asking for alms. Now I will like this photo to compensate for that. 

Thank God. We have facebook to do a lot of charity.

Share this photo to stop politicians from corruption







Or worse,



Will he survive? 

I’m gonna like this picture. And share it too. ‘Cos I luvvv him yew knoww…  😥


One thought on “(Un)like it!

  1. And I still wonder why the number of beggars and patients are not decreasing even when they’re being viral in social media..??
    Well, these are just lame marketing strategies of some people.. 😐
    May all of them get a first class seat to heaven, or else, let’s share or retweet in order to get one for them..

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